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Balloon Sticker Farmyard Activity Book

Balloon Sticker Farmyard Activity Book

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Come on down to the farm and meet the animal friends in this amazing activity book! Each page is packed with puzzles, mazes, games and more. At the back of the book there are fun card press-outs to make and create. With your very own balloon stickers to create a farm-themed poster, or to use wherever you want! A FARM-TASTIC ACTIVITY BOOK, INCLUDING CARD PRESS-OUTS AND 3-D ‘BALLOON’ STICKERS

  • This book comes with up to ten 3-D ‘balloon’ puffed stickers with a farm theme.
  • The bright, bold illustrations by Stuart Lynch will engage and entertain young children.
  • With 20pp of card press-outs to create, there are hours of fun to be had!

100% of profits from your purchase will go towards our charity

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