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I am Brave - Affirmation Bracelet

I am Brave - Affirmation Bracelet

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I am Brave

I am and will be brave in all that I do,
especially where there's tough times to get through. 

Embody courage with our 'I am Brave' affirmation card and mint green infinity bracelet. The silver infinity charm, glistening with cubic zircon stones, symbolizes your unending bravery and resilience. Accompanied by the affirmation card, it features the Merkaba Sacred symbol in the background. This symbol, meaning 'Light, Body, and Spirit,' encapsulates the strength we possess when we find inner peace. This charming pair serves as a reminder of your bravery and the serenity that comes with self-belief. 

  • Mounted on quality card-stock with poem
  • Copper and cubic zirconia Infinity bracelet adjustable bracelet
  • Adjustable length

Each bracelet comes with a pink velvet gift wrap pouch.

100% of profits from your purchase will go towards our hospital.

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