Collection: Worry Eaters

Worry Eaters are an innovative solution to help your child deal with fears, troubles and woes.

Recommended by psychologists and teachers, these comforting bedtime toys act as a 'waste bin' for all your child's worries from the day.

Children simply write or draw their troubles on a piece of paper and feed them into the zipped mouth of their Worry Eater. This is especially good for non-verbal children.

Zipping the worries away can help settle intrusive thoughts and aid bedtime routines, or banish night fears.

Much later, with the daintiest 'Tooth Fairy' tiptoes, parents or carers can retrieve the worries from the Worry Eater to make them 'vanish' magically - the added benefit being the insights gained into what is worrying your child.

Sometimes little ones will tell the Worry Eater much more than they would tell you - with so much pressure on little ones these days with school tests, technology, bullying and more - it's another tool in your kit to help keep them calm and feeling balanced.  It will also give you an opportunity to talk to the child about their worries, and help them come up with solutions.

What's more, Worry Eaters are nice and cuddly, and great for bedtime snuggles.  Not only for children - we might just have one too!

Worry Eaters are brilliant at eating nightmares too - but don't forget to supplement their diet with plenty of cuddles!