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Brave Bracelet

Brave Bracelet

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On her journey, she has seen pain and felt the onset of fear,
but this will not break her, but instead fuel her strength to persevere.
She remains refined, strength unmatched with a heart so pure,
she is ready for the journey, no matter how tough or obscure.
Read the words and know they are true,
because she is brave, and she is you.

A special bracelet for a friend or loved one to show support and offer comfort no matter what they may face. Our 'Brave' poem card embedding the Borage flower which is known to represent bravery, courage and more commonly known as the starflower and is perfectly paired with a charming butterfly bracelet. 


Each bracelet comes with a pink velvet gift wrap pouch.

100% of profits from your purchase will go towards our hospital.

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